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Our Projects

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Aquaculture in Panama

Feed the World, Leave No Footprint 

No matter what type of food it is, producing that food will have some negative impact on the environment. It may not be possible to eliminate that fact. It is possible to minimize the environmental impact to the extent that the production of food does not contribute to accelerated changes. 

BiFEX T&R says “enough is enough” to the multitude of aquaculture farms that pollute and degrade the environment. Through science, education, and understanding, innovative technologies have been developed across many disciplines, allowing these advanced techniques to be applied to aquaculture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Asian Carp in USA

An 8-year-long co-working project is underway to capture and process the ecologically destructive species known as Asian Carp from the Mississippi River in the United States for the production of processed food. Impact, Inc., the company behind this commercial project, is transitioning its existing business structure using factory boats to a land-based facility in the United States, Galway, with a $20 million investment from Galway. They are currently in the process of designing, ordering, and installing production equipment for repairing and processing aquatic products. BiFEX T&R holds exclusive sales rights and plans to sell the produced goods in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and third-world countries.


R & D Lab

BiFEX T&R has established an in-house R&D lab and is conducting research projects such as the development and enhancement of live fish containers, as well as the preservation of fresh food using electromagnetic fields

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