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Our company, established in 2008 as a wholesale market corporation within the Busan International Fisheries Distribution Facility, aims for transparent trading and price stability of domestic seafood. We engage in direct transactions with overseas producers from Japan, China, Russia, the United States, Southeast Asia, as well as domestic marine companies, facilitating the affordable and fresh distribution of seafood domestically and also engaging in international trade, including the export of domestic seafood.

Furthermore, we operate facilities including 22 live fish tanks, 3 cold storage buildings, and a frozen storage with a capacity of approximately 25,000 tons, putting our utmost efforts into enhancing transactions between suppliers and intermediaries.

In addition, we strive to expand our business scope through project ventures with affiliated companies, including EDCF-related overseas consulting, ship-related business, fisheries-related ventures, and overseas finance consulting. We maintain close relationships and a robust global network with overseas seafood stakeholders through international exchanges.


With the goal of becoming a global hub for seafood imports and a center for international seafood trade, all our employees are dedicated to their best efforts in this endeavor.

마운틴 릿지

History (2007 ~ 2023)​


● Conference for Participation of Related Companies in the Success of Gamcheon International Fisheries Trade Base,

    organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (27 companies).

● Office Opening (911, Wonyang Plaza B/D, Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan)

● Corporation Inaugural Shareholders' Meeting and Establishment

● Recruitment of Business Agreement Partners (71 companies)

● Designation as the Operating Corporation for Imported Seafood at Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market

    (Busan Metropolitan City)


● Designated as Terminal Operating Company (TOC)

● Headquarters move to Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market

● Opening of Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market

● Designation of Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market as Comprehensive Bonded Area


● MOU signed with Samsung C&T Corporation for EDCF F/S Consulting for Tanzania Tuna Processing Plant

● Acquisition of Operating Rights for a Frozen Warehouse (25,000 tons capacity)

● Distribution agreement signed with Japanese Central Market Wholesale Corporations

    (Sendai and Shin-Kogoshimai Central Market)

● Attraction of Imports of Japanese Fresh Fish

● MOU signed with 7SeasFoods in the U.S. for Seafood Supply from L.A


● MOU signed with Vietnam's HAI VOUNG Designated Processing Plant

● Consulting MOU signed for Sri Lanka Aquaculture Business (with U.S. 7SeasFoods)

● Supply Agreement for Russian Vekereva Products (Pollock, Alaska Pollock, Flounder)

● Listing of Wonyang Mountain Alaska Pollock at Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market

● Listing of Japanese Fresh Fish Alaska Pollock (Japan Hakodate Seafood)



● MOU for Fish Processing Equipment Business Expansion to China with New Delta Trading

● MOU for Fish Processing Equipment Business Expansion to China with Samsung C&T Corporation

● First domestic listing of Russian Kamchatka Salmon (7,000MT)

● First domestic auction of Indonesian Fresh Tuna

● Commencement of sales of Russian Pink Salmon processed in Vietnam to the U.S. and Mexico


● Registration for Seafood Processing Business (Frozen and Chilled)

● Pursuing Direct Listing of Japanese Fishing Vessels at Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market

     (Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan)

● Mutual Cross-Listing Agreement with Fukuoka Market in Japan

● Commencement of Distribution of Russian Sea Cucumber

    (Processed in Vietnam and Sold in the Domestic Chinese Market)

● Pursuing Agreement for Designated Processing Plants in China for the Domestic Distribution of Chinese Frozen

    Processed Seafood (Yantai, Dalian, Zhoushan, etc.)

● Commendation by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Republic of Korea) and CEO



● Completion of Bonded Warehouse for Live Fish Storage (Capacity: 50,000MT)

● Commencement of Exporting Indonesian Fresh Tuna to North America

● Commencement of Exporting Japanese Yellowtail to North America


● Completion of Bonded Warehouse for Live Fish Storage (Capacity: 50,000MT)

2015 ~ 2017

● ODA Project for Conversion of Cultured Fish Species to Stimulate Local Economy in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

ODA Project for Cambodia Aquaculture Industry Pre-Feasibility Study, Kotra

ODA Project for Cambodia Aquaculture Industry Pre-Feasibility Study, Kotra

2018 ~ 2019

● Producing Live Fish Containers for Exporting Live Fish between Geoje Island, South Korea,

    and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2020 ~ 2021

● Collaborating with Malaysia's Singgahs Global for Bluefin Tuna Farming in Taiwan and Export to the United States


● Attraction of $20 million investment for U.S. Asian Carp surimi Business (Galway, USA)

● Acquisition of U.S. Asian Carp surimi Facility (U.S. Piedmont)


● Feasibility Study for Panama American Red Snapper Aquaculture Project

● Installation of Production Facilities for U.S. Striped Bass Aquaculture

● Cooperative Agreement with the College of Fisheries Sciences at the National Fisheries University

    for Overseas Business


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