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We are Busan Gamcheon Port Fishery Market (Ltd.), connected with 71 fisheries-related companies and global networks in South Korea domestic, Japan, China, Russia, the United States, Southeast Asia, and more.

BIFEX to the World, 

The World to BIFEX

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Fish Auction

Live Fish

Brokerage of overseas seafood products


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Company Introduction

In October 2008, this corporation was designated as one of the management companies for the Busan International Fisheries Wholesale Market, and began its full-scale activities. Subsequently, from 2009 to 2010, through an agreement with a Japanese central market wholesale corporation, imports of chilled fish from Japan were initiated, securing a frozen warehouse facility of 25,000 tons.

Following that, we expanded the scope of products and trading extensively, including the import of frozen seafood from Russia, attracting electronic auctions, technical agreements with processing facilities in the Asian region, and completion of bonded warehouses for live fish storage.

Building upon these footsteps, this business is preparing for changes that align with the trends of the 21st century, not only through its own efforts but also through joint projects with domestic and international partners.

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